Professional, Scholarly, or Creative Work:

Simpson,P.D. _____. An Update on Nicaraguan Orchids.
In Prep.  Orchids.

Simpson, P.D. 1996. Observations on the Orchids near Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Orchid Dig. 60: 36- 39.

Simpson, P.D. 1988 Observations on Phragmipedium from Tingo Maria, Peru. Orchid Dig. 52: 81-84.

Simpson, P.D. 1987. A note on Stanhopea. Nat. Cap. Orchid. Soc. Bull. 46(3): 5-7.

Simpson, P.D., E.P. Karlander and S.D. Van Valkenburg. 1978. The growth rate of Mychonastes ruminatus  Simpson et Van Valenburg under various light, temperature salinity regimes. Br. Phycol. J. 13: 291-298.

Simpson, P.D. and S.D. Van Valkenburg. 1978. The ultra structure of Mychonastes ruminatus gen. et sp. nov., a new member of the
Chlorophyceae isolated from brackish water. Br. Phycol. J. 13: 117-130.






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