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  The BFA printmaking program at Shepherd gives the undergraduate student an opportunity to explore lithography, intaglio, relief and monoprint processes. The first two years of the program provide an introduction to printmaking and to fine art theory and practice. Students are encouraged to develop compositional skills in printmaking classes as well as in Drawing, and Foundations of Design. Problem solving techniques and exposure to a variety of media and processes are encouraged and developed during the first two years and the student will be expected to develop a personal style through exposure to contemporary art, theory and practice. Once equipped with a basic knowledge and understanding of the principals and practices of the printmaking procedures students will begin to explore contemporary applications of the print media and will develop their own unique methods and visual vocabulary.
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Printmaking Curriculum

Printmaking Adjunct
Barbara Chapman

Printmaking Adjunct
Brett Borland

Drawing I & II

Printmaking I & II

Spring 2003 Schedule
Rhonda Smith

Coordinator of

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