This organization was created in order to help families in need understand that there is another way to stay close to they're loved ones in their time of need.

There are more then 300 of these houses in the United States and worldwide. Each operates by guidelines from the Global Home Away From Home Charity yet each is independently operated.

When people hear about Home Away From Home not many really know what it is or exactly what they do. What most do not know is that many families travel far from home to get the proper treatment for their seriously ill or injured children. Often times, it can be months far from home commuting back and forth from the hospital and for children facing these medical crises, nothing seems scarier than being alone in a hospital.

Home Away From Home helps build housing complexes near hospitals in order to provide these families a temporary place to stay for little to no cost depending on situation. This Charity uses donations and volunteers to keep these homes running and operational helping save these families money on commute and give them peace of mind that they are never to far from their loved ones.