Name of Game: Stuck in the mud                                                                       

Country of origin: Australia

Grade Level: 3


PE.3.3.1     participate in physical activity in addition to physical education class.

PE.3.5.1     respond appropriately in physical activity settings (follow rules and procedures, display good sportsmanship).

Directions: In this version of Tag, one person is still "it", but when they touch someone, that person is "frozen" in place. They cannot move and must stand with their feet apart. The only way they can become unfrozen is if a person crawls under their legs. Play continues until all the players are frozen. Then the last person to be frozen is "it" for the next game.

Equipment: None

Location: Large area outside or inside

Safety Considerations and Modifications for inclusions: If playing the game inside the teacher may want to mark off boundaries. If some of the students are uncomfortable crawling under other students legs, the teacher may want to allow them to tag students to unfreeze others instead or maybe give each other a high five.


Name of Game: Flag (bandiera)

Country of Origin: Italy  (This game is similar to “Catch the Bacon” that is played in the United States)

Grade Level: 3-4


This game can be played at least in three.
The ideal number of players is fifteen, but will work with more than fifteen.
The players get into two teams; each team member must choose to be a number.
Then the two teams stand in two opposite lines, each team member facing the member of the other team with the same number.
A child stands between the ends of two lines, at the same distance from each, with a handkerchief (the "flag") hanging from his/her hand, arm stretched.
Then, the child with the handkerchief calls out a number. The two challenging players who "are" that number must run to take the handkerchief. The child who gets it first and who can run back his/her team without being caught by the challenging player scores a point. The team who scores more points is the winner.
Actions like pushing the challenging player and not standing within the prescribed distances are not allowed.

Equipment: handkerchief or a small object

Location: Large area inside or outside


PE.4.1.6     demonstrate strategies for chasing, fleeing, and evading.

PE.3.5.1     respond appropriately in physical activity settings (follow rules and procedures, display good sportsmanship).

Safety Considerations and Modifications: Play area must be free of obstructions. If a child is hard of hearing, the teacher may want to make cards with numbers to hold up rather than calling out the number. The “flag” may also be placed on the floor between the two teams rather than having a student hold the "flag". A flag may also be any small object, such as an eraser or a foam ball.