Stats for Espy Jay:

Age: 22

Sign: Aries

Inspirations: Stan Lee, MARVEL, Christopher Golden

All characters in the Closet Heroes (with the exception of some villains) are based off of real people in Espy Jay's life. Unfortunately, the superpowers are in fact fitional...

Home Page

Welcome to the official website of Closet Heroes, the intense superheroic drama by Espy Jay. Here, you can enter the world of the Closet Heroes, get to know your favorite hero/heroine, or get the inside scoop of your favorite villain! Looking for updates on the progress of the series? Click the tabs on the left for status updates and get excited for the next chapter of the drama unfolds.


Meet the Author

Espy Jay's legal name is Shawn Patrick Jordan. Born in 1992, his childhood consisted of glorifying superheroes, and hiding in the closet. After coming out at age 19, Espy began to notice the correlation between members of the LGBTQ community and comic book culture. The secret connection, it seemed, was the secrets themselves! "The biggest thing I felt when I was hiding away in the closet, was it was like a secret identity. Sooner or later, your true self will be realized, and it is totally up to you to what side you are on. Be a hero, and help people, or be a villain and condemn the people around you."

Espy's love for Marvel comics and character, and the passion for writing he gained from his late grandfather came together with his newly out self to create Closet Heroes: a story with a strong undertones of human rights and the constant struggle for equality.

Espy Jay is currently completing his degree at Shepherd University. He is studying Recreation & Leisure Studies, with a concentration in Sports Communication.In addition to working on Closet Heroes, he is the Equipment Maintenance Manager for the Shepherd University Football team, as well as a Ticket Taker for his hometown baseball club, The Frederick Keys.

Espy is also the Youth Coordinator for The Frederick Center LLC, a nonprofit center for LGBTQ youth. He is currently in his 3rd year with the organization.