Breaking News Feed:

New safe area has been established in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Safe area near Baltimore, MD has been over ran by the infected! If you are in a 10 mile radius evacuate immediately.

U.S. Department of Zombie Defense

This Department is a new branch off the United States government. It's purpose is to inform and protect the citizens of the U.S. and also the rest of the world from the "infected". Congresss has voted to send all money to this Department to get the situation under control.


Statement of the President of the United States-

" My fellow Americans and around the world. Our attention of the war on terror has been point on hold. The world needs to unite to face this new threat on mankind. A threat that has never been more real until now. You are not watching a television show or a movie. This threat is really happening. I know it's hard to face it but the sooner we all do the faster we can move on. We are working on a cure as we spea, but I strongly urge everyone to stay calm and stay in doors. Do not go out unless you absoultly have too. Stay in large groups. Band together. We will over come this. God speed and God Bless America."