The Righteous Journey


This site is purposed with telling the story of my life as a Christian up till present day. My heart behind this site is that people will understand that Christianity is not this thing where people just wait to get to heaven. This is certainly a goal for every Christian, myself included, but God does not intend for us to simply wait to die.

All of those who choose to follow Christ are faced with the question, what do I do now? With myself, with my time, my resources? Though I do not know everything, I think that we as people who are good at messing things up tend to muddy the waters and confuse righteous, Godly living with good intentions.

The truth is that even after you meet Christ, you will still be the same person you were before. You are no longer tarnished and you are free from sin, yes, but the same beautiful personality, the same knowledge you have in your head is still there.

Here is the most mind boggling idea: God loves that, and not only does He love that, He made it. He doesn't want you to stop being you. Jesus said to Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul, and to love your neighbors as yourself. When you love yourself as God made you, you can start loving yourself how God loves you, and in turn you can love all of God's creations. Following Christ is not an enslavement; it is freedom.

Its time for the bride of Christ to stop being orphans and start being sons and daughters.