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The Man

Frank Miller is one of the true legends in comic book history. His griddy comics and graphic novels have been iconic staples of the genre throughout his career. The author of such famous titles such as Sin City, Ronin, 300 and several other iconic titles is known for his noir style writing with absolutely no shying away from dark and sometimes brutal stories and art.


Frank Miller was born on January 27, 1957, in Onley Maryland as the fifth of seven children.

Early Career

Miller began his career at Western Publishing's Gold Key Comics Imprint, working uncredited on the comic book based of the popular tv series The Twilight Zone. Miller also helped work on the cult classic comic book series Weird War Tales.

After being hired by Marvel, Miller served as a fill-in writer and cover artist, working on comics such as The Spectacular Spider-Man. After working on an issue that featured the Dare-Devil, Miller requested to work on the at the time struggling character's comic regularly. After Dare-Devil was put into Miller's hand its success skyrocketed as did Miller's popularity.