The Effects of the Mass Media on People

The effect of Media on us today is a stealthy thief. As we read our daily Newspaper, the advertising sometimes takes up the whole page. We search for the rest of the article, hidden back beneath the ads. When we turn the Radio on during the ride to work, verses of songs can overwhelm us with the vulgarity and crudeness, casting us into a foul mood for the rest of the day. As we drive down the road we are still being contacted by advertising. The Billboards tell us where to stay, where to shop, and how to get to the racetrack.  The Magazines we read now have articles we would not want our children to read. The racy and risqué now is commonplace, causing our children to grow up with way too much information. Our children and teenagers have used Games and gaming to such an extent that they now feel violence is normal and acceptable. The games children play with on the Internet seems to be destroying the value system we desire to teach. When we go online to surf the web we are bombarded with inappropriate Internet pop-ups and emails. Buy this, play the casino here - we will even give you money to start. Then, when we get home our place of peace, yet the Television is on, inciting our children, and toys there are. On TV they age can watch the ill manners of the Bart Simpson show, playing at a time that is not appropriate, the dinner hour. This show is adult humor, yet there it is when our little ones are still up.

We need to evaluate the trends of today. Does the influence in our family’s lives build stronger healthier families? Or do the TV, Radio, Magazines, Internet, and Games tear down what we are trying to establish, a good moral home place, family values that are taught and learned at home. Is what we see, what we are about to become? How much does what we see stay with us? These are all questions we recommend you keep in mind as you visit our site.









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