Make Miley Smile

A WebQuest for 5th Grade Dental Health

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Lisa Sauro


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 Hi! My name is Miley! I am 10 years old! Today I went to the dentist for a check up and I found out that I have a cavity! YUCK! The dentist cleaned my teeth and then we sat down and talked. He showed me how to brush my teeth really well. He even told me to hum my favorite tune while brushing my teeth so that I know I’ve been brushing long enough. My dentist also told me that I needed to brush at night too not just in the morning. I never thought about all those yucky germs that sit on my teeth all day that I need to brush away at night. Then the dentist looked at me and said “Miley tell me what you like to eat” I smiled at him and said “Dr. G I like orange soda and gummy worms!” He laughed and told me that just might be the reason for my cavity and that I needed to cut back on the sugar that I ate!




The Task

Today you and a partner are going to help me learn about my bright and pearly whites. Together we are going to learn fun facts about teeth, reasons for getting cavities, and how to prevent cavities! Together we’re going to take all this fun information and turn it into a tooth mobile. The links you will be able to use for your information will be found under the credits page! Have fun there are tons of them to play with!






The Process

*       Using the sites listed in the resource section you and your partner will create a tooth mobile.

*       Collect the following materials

*       4 Teeth Cut out

*       A Coat Hanger

*        4 pieces of ribbon

*       Decorating materials

*       Once you have all materials sit everything but the teeth cut out aside.

*       On the first tooth cut out you and your partner are going to list ways that you can get cavities. You can list as many ways as you want but you must write at least three. You may write them on the front and the back.

*       On second tooth you are going to write ways to prevent getting cavities. Again write at least three and write them however on your tooth you like.

*       On your third tooth write down fun facts that you find about teeth. Fill your teeth up with facts. For instance, did you that teeth are the hardest part of our bodies?

*       On your final tooth cut out write your and your partners names.

*       When you have completed all of those steps decorate your teeth anyway you like but be sure that your writing can be read.

*       After decorating your teeth string a ribbon through the hole punch in your tooth and then around the coat hanger and tie a knot so that each tooth dangles from the coat hanger creating your mobile! 






Needs More


Nice Job


Very Good






Was time used wisely? 


Students did not manage time well and a large number of distractions occurred.

Students attempted to use their time efficiently and may have gotten off track a time or two but did finish project.

Project was completed with little to no distractions and in an efficient manner.

Time was managed in a wonderful condition in which little to no distractions occurred and their project reflects this.



How did you work as a group? 


There was no communication and very little teamwork. A large number of distractions occurred that hindered the team work.


Some Communication was attempted and next time could use a little more.


Good communication within the group. The majority of the group participation and ideas fed from within.


Great communication and teamwork everyone helped their team once they were done




Presentation of Mobile



Not all 5 teeth are filled out, decorated or tied to mobile. Effort may be lacking or directions were not followed.

Activity is completed but to a minimal effort, several directions may be followed incorrectly or effort may be slightly below expected level.

Activity is colorful and nicely completed. Information is adequate and the level of expectation has been completed. Directions were nicely carried out.

Information exceeds expectation level. Directions were nicely followed. Effort shines strongly throughout the project.








Thanks for helping me learn so much today! Who knew that teeth could be so much fun! Don’t you think that being a dentist would be so much fun? After just a little bit of studying teeth I am ready for more! I hope you had just as much fun as I did and that you learned something to! I’m sure your teeth mobile look great! Remember to take care of those teeth! Have a fantastic day!

                                                    - Miley!



Credits & References
















Teachers page


Welcome Teachers! This is a dental health web quest for 5th

Graders based off of the WV CSO’s 4.03.08 develop and practice a personal hygiene plan. I have reviewed all websites that students are allowed to use to find information. I tried to find links for students that did not have ads to other places. The final product of this activity is a tooth mobile it is always rewarding for students to see their work displayed in the classroom. A hint to help make this activity run a little easier: have the teeth cut out already cut out, have a hole punched out already in the top of the tooth, and have the ribbon already cut. We all know that time is scarce in the classroom! Below is a link for a tooth cut out that you may choose to use!

Tooth Cut Out



All CSO’S included in this activity are:


  1. 21C.O.5-8.2.TT2:  Student collaborates with peers, experts, and others using telecommunications and collaborative tools to investigate curriculum-related problems, issues, and information, and to develop solutions or products for audiences inside and outside the classroom.
  2. WV CSO’s 4.03.08 develop and practice a personal hygiene plan.
  3. 21C.O.5-8.3.TT8: Student recognizes personal limits in his/her knowledge and develops strategies and skills for using technology to seek information.










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