News and Information Sources


1. The Gate Way  This site has a lot to offer. The site has over 40,000 ideas for lesson plans,

    a refined search engine,   grade level acceptance and it sponsored by The US Department of Education,


2. Medline Plus This site has many areas of Health Education to choose from. This would be a

    great reliable source for teaching resources and up to date information. This site also has information that can be directed

    at parents for health education.


3. Discovery School This site has lesson plans on health knowledge with the refined field to choose

    which grade level you would like to pick.


4. Cnn This site has good information. The Health section is a little hard to maneuver through but once at

    the health library you can find some really good breaking new information. I really thought the, Clean your hands: A simple way

    to prevent infection, was a good source for student to learn proper hand washing techniques.


5. MayoClinic This site has great information for parents as well as teachers. This seems like

    a great way to keep your students parents involved in their health, to promote healthy lifestyles.