Qing Wang, PhD (April 2007, University of Waterloo)


Associate Professor of Mathematics

Department of Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

Shepherd University, 301 King Street N

Shepherdstown, WV 25443


Office:  Stutzman/Slonaker, 211B

Office Phone: 304-876-5643

Office Hours: by appointment

Email: qwang@shepherd.edu


 Research Interests:


My research interests have focused on three specific areas: the stability and boundedness

of dynamical systems, especially impulsive systems; the impulsive control and stabilization of

delay differential equations, in particular using the Lyapunov-Razumikhin technique and the

Lyapunov functional method; and applications to neural networks, secure communication, and

population growth models such as disease spread models and tumor cell growth models.


Courses taught before:


Math 208: Calculus II, Math 309: Calculus III, Math 321: Probability and Statistics


Math307: Linear Algebra,, Math 314: Statistics, Math 310: Differential Equations


Math 205: Calculus with Applications Math 154: Finite Mathematics, Math 207: Calculus I

Math 108: Precalculus, Math 318: Numerical Analysis, Math 434: Sr. Capstone Practicum




  Curriculum Vitae