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Students test their robots' mettle at ShepRobo Fest

by Herald-Mail --- 3/31/2013

When the robot R2-D2 showed up in the Star Wars movies, a lot of people probably thought it would be well in the future before something like that became reality. Well, that day is here.

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Watch Video: Scenes from ShepRobo Fest Sunday afternoon


Shepherd hosts ShepRobo Fest robotics competition

by The Journal --- 3/31/2013

Amid the small cityscape, two arachnid-like robots play a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Skittering along the walled-off arena floor like crabs on a sandy beach, they cautiously navigate around miniature skyscrapers before finally meeting eye-to-eye and unleashing a volley of small BB projectiles in rapid succession. Continue Reading ...


Robots in action at Shepherd University for third annual RoboFest by Herald-Mail --- 3/28/2013

In an empty downtown city street, an invader peers around an office tower. The giant four-legged robot towers above a nearby car and semi, abandoned in what has become a war zone hostile to humans. The robot steps around the corner and see its enemy, another giant robot down the street. The two fire projectiles at each other in fierce combat. Continue Reading ...


Shepherd University Robotics Club (SURoC) participated at Hagerstown Community College STEM Festival held on

April 28, 2012 and demonstrated Fire Fighting Robots and Mech Warfare Robots.View Pictures / Watch Video


Shepherd University Robotics Club(SURoC) participated at RoboGames 2012 in San Mateo, CA on April 20 – 22, 2012.

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Robotics Club third in competition

by The Journal --- 4/18/2012
Shepherd teams take several places in international tournament

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Congratulations to all SURoC members

SURoC teams placed 3rd, 4th, 9th and 11th in the Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot Contest held in Hartford, CT on March 31-April1. View Pictures / View Video



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